Information on data security


auratec GmbH welcomes you on our homepage, thank you for your interest in our company and our services. Privacy protection handling personal data as well as the security of business data is an important concern of our company which is taken into consideration for all our business processes.
auratec web pages can contain links to web pages of other providers, for which the data protection declaration does not refer to.

Consultation and handling of personal data

If you visit our web pages our web-server will store by default the name of your internet service provider , the IP-Address, the web page from which you visit us, the web pages which you visit, as well as the date and the duration of your visit. The data will be evaluated statistically only and are not associated with individual-related data.
Personal data will be only stored if you give us your data for example in terms of an approach or for a survey, an initiation or for a transaction.

Use and circulation of personal data and earmarking

auratec uses your personal data for interested parties and customer management, for product surveys and for marketing . The data are only used respectively in the essential amount.
Without your acceptance we will not pass on your data to a third person. Our employees are sworn to secrecy.


auratec uses technical and organizational safety precautions to protect your data, which we administrate from accidental or deliberate manipulation, loss, damage or from the access of unauthorized persons. Our safety precautions are constantly improved according to the technological development.


For further questions about the use of your personal data, requests of information, suggestions or complaints feel free to contact us.
On demand auratec will inform you according to the applicable law whether we stored your personal data and as the case may be which personal data we stored.

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